• Beautiful Switzerland alps with flowers and mountains

    Exploring the diverse Switzerland

    We had the pleasure of meeting multiple representatives from Switzerland in the beautiful city Stockholm. Two of us were invited to join a three-day program provided by Switzerland Tourism with the theme: Nature wants you Back! Well, the nature can have us! They have blown us away with all the beauty and possibilities Switzerland has [...]
  • Outside architecture of the new and trendy Moxy hotel

    The new and trendy Moxy Hotel

    Fotspor always wants to give its customers the best. Give our clients unique experiences, open up new and unknown venues, provide them with quality accommodation and delicious taste of traditional and global cuisine.  So we are really excited to spread the news. Marriott´s new boutique hotel brand – Moxy – found its way to Norway. [...]
  • Discover the beautiful Portugal

    Are you looking for a unique setting to have small meetings or conferences, but also a place to relax and enjoy nature without being disturbed by tons of tourists? Then I advise you to read this post until the very end! Why you say? Well, everyone knows Portugal for Lisbon and Porto and the typical [...]
  • Skottland bilde av et slott

    Scotland as a destination

    We are pleased to say that we have had a meeting with a representative from Scotland from Spectra. We have always found this country interesting due to its rich culture. However, this meeting gave us a whole new perspective namely as an incentive destination! Let’s start with a look on the main city of Scotland: Edinburgh. [...]
  • A picture of the group that was present during the incentive trip of a company in Norway

    Siemens Norway connecting in Hurdal

    We had a trip with Siemens Energy Management Norge in the beautiful area of Hurdal. The group stayed at the Hurdalsjøen hotel which has a beautiful view on the Hudralsjøen lake, especially when the sun sets. The program of the incentive trip for the group was a mix of group work, conferences and fun. The weekend [...]
  • Group picture during snowshoe hiking with mountains in Hardanger

    Hardanger trip

    Fotspor was invited by the Destination Hardanger Fjord to take part in a trip focusing on exploration of the winter itineraries for groups in the region. Spring finally kicked off, but Fotspor did not want to let winter go yet. So it was an immediate yes for winter adventure from Fotspor team. Hardangerfjord region is [...]
  • Cruise on sea with mountain Hurtigruten

    Cruising through our meeting with Hurtigruten

    When Hurtigruten company contacted us for a meeting the entire team looked forward to it. For those of you who have never heard of Hurtigruten before, I’ll give a small explanation. Hurtigruten is a daily shipping service for as well passengers as freight between Bergen and Kirkenes. Apart from that, they offer exploring voyages to Spitsbergen, [...]
  • View of Spain city with sunset

    A sunny visit from Spain

    On a snowy afternoon in Oslo we got a charming visit from two Spanish ladies, Patricia and Valeska. Patricia is the Sales Executive at Hotel Emperador in Madrid. They recently renovated the beautiful hotel, which is located in the heart of the city center. She showed us pictures and a video of the newly refurbished [...]
  • Art Nouveau architecture, culture in Latvia

    Meeting at the Latvian Embassy

    Most of you might know Latvia by its Art Nouveau architecture in the cities. Or maybe even from the unique seasons which are strongly present, all four as beautiful as the other. However, the country has much more to offer, especially for corporate travel. Fortunately, we have already had the opportunity to operate in this [...]
  • A picture of Ålesund during sunset with buildings and boats

    Trip to Ålesund

    Last week we had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city Ålesund. This opportunity was offered to us by the hotel chain Scandic. The hotels of Scandic are located throughout Scandinavia and in Berlin. During the trip we got a tour through the three hotels in Ålesund. We were amazed by the appearance of the [...]