Savannah & Savanne & Design pretty african decoration


Our designer can produce what you want for your event, graphics in print or electronically. We help you find a profile and an expression that is best suited for your big happening.

A theme that pictures the event from start to finish will provide a comprehensive and consistent impression. This does not start at the event but already before. Think of small invitation cards to send out before the event or a newsletter to all your colleagues. Then during the event you have special made name cards for everyone to give the event a personal touch. You can design your own printed menu for the diner or folders for during the conference. These little things can make your event unique.
This is where we help you to think creatively. Together with our graphic designer we help you create the perfect personal design for your event. Every step of the creation process will be discussed with so you will have full control of the end result.
We will of course be there during the event to assist you with the decoration of your designs!

Do you want more information about the possibilities? Give us a call!