We offer internship for students who whish to experince Norway and get a closer undertanding of the event industry. The internship is non-paid and sshould last minimum 3 months full time, but longer is preferable.
Please send CV with picture and a letter of motivation to: post@fotspor.no

Amanda Šabić

“Coming to Norway and doing my internship at Fotspor was one of the best decisions I could make. I had an amazing time there and was given the opportunity to experience a totally different branch of industry. I worked with a great team of people on several interesting projects, including a Music Award Show. I owe many thanks to the whole Fotspor team for their support, for giving me a chance to see from the first hand on how this industry works, and, of course, for giving me a such a warm welcome to that wonderful country.”

Faculty of management (Economics and finance)
University of Primorska, Slovenia

Jeanne Le Dréan

This internship in Norway was a surprise, I didn’t know anything about how it was, it was my first steps in the Scandinavian world.It was the first time that I was implicated in a real team work and interesting projects, I was feeling like a real member of the company even I did not have such responsibilities. I learned a lot from the team and I’m still using their valuables advice in my current job. The team took the time to explain to you what is going on, the way you could make it, and they let you know about your mistakes and when you are doing good.
Each day of the internship was learning me more and more and at the end, I get strong professionals skills.
From a personal side, the peaceful of Oslo and the way people is doing is such different than in my own country and I was feeling so good there. In that way, if I have the chance to get there again I will come back without any doubts.

Bachelor Management in Tourism
Groupe Sup de Co – La Rochelle, France.

Marina Chelak

I did my internship at Fotspor for 20 weeks and during that time I have gotten a lot of valuable experience both professional and life. I believe that doing placement in the small company like Fotspor has more advantages. This is because I was involved in various aspects of the company´s work. Therefore I obtained a wider knowledge than if I would have worked in a big company in a certian department. I can surely say that I have learned a lot of practical aspects of work in DMC and Event Management. Moreover, the Managing Director, was a good supervisor. He was very open to the new ideas and initiatives and he also guided me well through my work patiently explaining the things that were not clear to me. Thank you for that experience!

3rd year student of International Tourism Management and Consultancy
NHTV University of Applied Science in Breda, the Netherlands

Jana Kerkhofs

My internship at Fotspor was four months filled with brand new experiences, surprises and opportunities. The purpose of the internship was mainly to learn how to organize and plan events, but also to work and do research on Fotspor’s social media. This is also what I was able to do during my time there. I was not only given the opportunity to help organize and plan events and incentives, but also to have the social media under my responsibility and to learn everything about it. I gained more knowledge about organizational skills, networking, social media, the Nordic culture and how to behave in a professional environment. Besides the great opportunities I got and the things I got to see in Norway, the office atmosphere was also enjoyable. I got a nice welcome and goodbye, everyone was always helpful towards each other, if you had a new idea you could get everyone to gather around and talk about it and if something was on your mind you could always talk to someone.

I look back at the whole experience as very exciting, alternating, and the opposite of boring. This adventure also helped me to decide what I want to do in my future. I don’t regret for a second that I chose Oslo or Norway or Fotspor, I couldn’t have imagined a better end to my bachelor studies!

Bachelor Office Management – Event and Project Management
UC Leuven-Limburg in Leuven, Belgium