REISEGARANTIFONDET (Travel Guarantee Fund)
Fotspor is a part of Reise Garanti Fondet (RGF) so that we can provide our clients with that additional safety. RGF makes sure that the organisers of a trip provides a guarantee set by law and that the traveller is reimbursed for their down payments and/or an alternative journey home when an organizer becomes bankrupt.

Oslo Handelskammer (Oslo Chamber of Commerce) is our partner in the world´s largest business network. Founded in 1908 the organisation is an industry - independent service organisation that works locally, nationally and internationally to create the best possible conditions of the employed. Oslo Handelskammer work together with the 15 other chambers of commerce in the nation and acts as a liaison for members in a network of 14.000 chambers of commerce worldwide.

Meeting Professional International (MPI) is the largest national and international union in the meeting and event industry. With over 24,000 members in 70 different "chapters" provides us with a unique membership network when arranging trips abroad. Our own agency leader, Håkon Wåge-Lorentzen, is the director for the Norwegian department where it on a regular basis is held themed days so that we are kept up to date on trends and achieve more knowledge on our subject and marked.

 Soliditet represents AAA credit rating, the most reliable and advanced assessment model in Norway. Soliditet do credit checks on businesses and individuals and has approved Fotspor as creditworthy. Because Fotspor is an agency of the smaller size, it is important for us to show you as a client that we have a safe and healthy economy.

 Visit OSLO is the marketing company for the region Oslo and has operating divisions within congress-, destination management-, marketing-, media processing- and tourism information. Fotspor is a shareholder of VisitOSLO and is helping to promote Oslo in cooperation with other companies in the Oslo region. Because of this we have very good relationship with museums, event-, meeting- and conference facilities in the city.
 Regnskogfondet (The Rainforest Foundation)
Fotspor Events are proud to have made a deal with the Rainforest Foundation where we will give a percentage of our profit to the Rainforest Foundation. The collaboration resulted in 2011 the salvation of 4 million m2 of rainforest because of Fotspor. We encourage all of our existing and potential clients to support this important work.

Safety for our clients is on the top of our list. All the employees at Fotspor have therefor completed a thorough first aid course with Blodstrupmoen Medical, with instruction in basic first aid, CPR and handling of emergency situations. Fotspor also has a defibrillator machine that we all know how to use and always comes with us.